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March 2003
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Welcome to my Web site!

This site is about my remote controlled RC helicopter flying hobby. It contains a lot of information on starting this hobby and learning to fly RC helicopters. You can send me feedback on this page by Clicking Here. Learn to fly RC helicopters, then read on.

If you want to ask a question about RC helicopter flying or setup, then do not hesitate and Click Here.

There is a new simulator named Phoenix which I bought and tested. It looks good, similar to Reflex. The sounds are better than Reflex, but I feel that Reflex flies more realistic. Phoenix is a lot of fun though playing it with your friends on the internet which is not possible with Reflex.

For all Europeans out here, check out Rc HeliStore. It is a European shop with very good priced TT and Futaba stuff. There is no hassle with import tax and customs etc. because Rc HeliStore is based in Europe. Posting of the parts is fast, cheap and reliable since it only has to travel within Europe. So check out this online shop.

Quick UK Parts. Do I need to say more? They are the finest and most durable machined model helicopter upgrades I have ever seen. They are very sturdy and yet light. I have already flown QuickUK parts on my very first Hirobo Shuttle to improve its performance. I am now flying Quick UK parts on my Raptor 90 contest machines to improve their performance.

RC Helicopters and RC helicopter parts for sale at a great online toy store called Trend Times Toys. They offer full radio control helicopters support plus one of the largest selections of popular toys and hobbies including airsoft guns, remote control boats, and radio control cars.

Ad van Oorschot Technical Support BV. Engineering and Process Technology.

What's new on these pages (2007-01-21)?

A complete new 90 size head design is described on these pages with pictures, stress simulations and animations of the head in action.

The 3rd bearing Upgrade for the Raptor 50 is available and produced by QuickUK. This really solves your pinion bearing problems.

My favorite Heli Links

Local weather in Eindhoven

Hot Links:

bulletSearch with MSN
bulletSearch with Google
bulletLatest news with MSNBC

Dutch news:


My Helicopters

Look at my online photo album of my Helicopters.

My Transmitter

Look at my home made TX tray for the 9Z.

Click for Eindhoven, Netherlands Forecast Best, Dongen, Nistelrode.

Or see: WeerOnline.nl, www.meteonet.nl or www.knmi.nl for Dutch weather info, or www.weatherpatrol.com for a nice application to get detailed whether forecasts.


Heli Events

Heli Communities & Forums

bulletErftstadt Heli Treffen
bulletWaltrop Winter Treffen
bullet Heli Meeting Utrecht
bulletHeli meeting Vorselaar
bullet Heli Meeting Avio-Eelde
bulletLowlands Heli Meeting
bulletHirobo cup Belsele (B)
bullet3D Masters in the UK
bulletJets over Pampa
bullet Fly-in Delta Vlissingen
bulletOther RC events in The Netherlands
bulletGeneral discussion groups:
bulletRun Ryder (Mark Ryder) forum.
bulletRc Heli Spot
bulletRotary Modeler.
bulletRC Universe.
bulletRaptor discussion groups:
bullet Raptor Discussion Group on Yahoo.
bullet Raptor Discussion Group on Topica.
bulletFutaba discussion groups:
bullet Futaba Owners Discussion Group.
bullet Futaba 9Z Tx Discussion Group.
bullet Futaba Heli's Discussion Group.
bulletDutch discussion groups:
bulletDutch Heli Discussion Forum 1.
bulletDutch Modelbouw Forum 1.
bullet Dutch Raptor Discussion Group.
bulletDutch Heli Discussion Forum 2.
bulletDutch Modelbouw Forum 2.

The helicopter following your mouse is taken from: Aviation Animation


Radio Control Helicopter Ring

This site is owned by John Vugts.

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