Are RC Helicopters Really Better Than Drones?

When it comes to an RC helicopter and a drone, there are many things that you must know in order to choose the best one for you from the two.

An RC helicopter is a “real” helicopter with one primary rotor in the middle, and a drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is basically a quadcopter with four rotors in four corners, but it can have different shapes or designs. Both of these devices have their own similarities and differences, it is the user’s decision to choose out of the two.

When we talk about real flying we are talking about getting off the ground and flying away. You can’t compare the two. A remote control helicopter is more for the person who may enjoy flying a real helicopter than it is for someone who may only fly one on occasion.

RC Helicopters vs
RC Helicopter

Flight Stability

One key point to consider when comparing an RC helicopter and a drone is the flight stability. Both types have excellent flight stability and are easy to learn to fly. The drone is easier to use for beginners, as it also has a software enabling them to land themselves. This may also be because of its smaller size but regardless, both types of RC vehicles have excellent flight stability.

Amount of Radio Channels

Another thing to consider when comparing an RC helicopter with a drone is the amount of available radio channels and the amount of control over the radio frequency.

A drone operates on a single channel, whereas an RC model will work on up to five. This means that you can either purchase a transmitter and receiver that will work on all five channels or you can opt for a WiFi model which allows you to use as many as you want. Some of these models will even allow you to set up channels on your PC so that people can join in on the fun without having to connect to the internet every time they want to fly.

drone vs
Drone (UAV)

Radio Control

The radio control system is another key factor. Most people agree that a WiFi fpv drone model is much easier to fly and generally fly better than the remote control helicopter models. This may be because it is smaller, but the size difference does not have a huge impact on how good an RC model is.

Battery Life

The general amount of flying time you can do with an RC helicopter can be about 10 minutes with a full charge. A drone can fly around 10 to 20 minutes largely depending on your chosen model.

Cost and Performance

When comparing the two, it is often a matter of cost versus performance. You can buy a cheaper RC model but they will not fly as well as an expensive, more advanced model.

RC helicopters might have more realistic flight capabilities, as they are mostly used for competing, but they are less durable. On the other hand, you can spend a bit more on a more expensive RC helicopter model but if you are interested in using it for extended flights, durability and reliability are not that important.


No matter what you choose, you will need to think about whether or not the model you buy has the capability for your flying purposes. If you plan on taking this hobby indoors, it will be important to choose one of the many remote control helicopters or drones that is suitable for flying indoors, or for recording, racing, etc.

If you are planning on taking this a hobby more seriously, you will want to invest in a more durable and reliable model for outdoor use. Either way, you will find that either remote control helicopters and drones can be a fun and exciting experience.

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