What To Look For In The Best RC Helicopters Under $100?

To find the best entry level RC helicopters, you have to take a look at its different features. The best RC helicopters will not only be able to perform well in your back yard, but also in competitions. A good chopper will have all the right features and performance metrics that will allow you to enjoy the hobby to the fullest.

When buying the best RC helicopter under $100, it is important to consider the flight time and the size of the RC helicopter, as well as the transmitter type, and the battery featured in the product, and also having an efficient receiver. The Syma S39 Remote Control Helicopter is one of the best choices under $100.

Learn the Features of the Best RC Helicopters First

If you are new in the flying sport, you have to go for the best of the best as it will take some effort and time to learn the nuances of RC helicopter flying. Once you gain basic proficiency over your chopper, you will be able to go for a more advanced model, which offers higher flight speeds and better handling.

Let us examine the features that you should look out for when buying a new chopper.

Syma S39 Remote Control Helicopter

Flight Time

Flight time is a very important feature that all RC helicopters should have. The best RC helicopters under $100 do not take long to fly and will be ready to fly within minutes.

This is because they use small but efficient electric motors and have streamlined controls for ease of operation. On the other hand, the models that go beyond this range will need more time to recharge. This will result in longer flight times.


Size is another important factor that has to be looked into when you buy a new RC helicopter. The size will depend on your specific requirements. If you want a toy helicopter with dual capabilities, then you can go for the one that has three or four-channel radio systems. In terms of its actual size, it can vary from a few inches to five feet and can have a weight ranging from a couple of pounds to about 8 pounds.

Transmitter Type

Another important factor to consider is the type of transmitter that you will use with your chopper. There are electric and hybrid transmitters. Electric ones offer you more flight time but they are quite a bit more expensive than their cousins, the hybrid ones. This is mainly because an electric transmitter offers a more stable flight condition and is easier to control.


The best models of RC helicopters should have powerful lithium polymer or lithium ion batteries. They are recommended for at least flight times of ten minutes each.

This is because a powerful transmitter and an efficient receiver will ensure a smooth and controlled flight. The two kind of batteries differ in the amount of current they can provide.

Closing Thoughts

Choosing the best RC helicopters for beginners should therefore include a transmitter, a powerful lithium ion battery and an efficient receiver.

As for the actual size of the product, this might vary from a few inches to 5 feet. It all depends on your specific needs and of course on your child’s needs. For example, some kids might prefer a smaller one while others will demand a bigger product size. In general, the best ones come in the category of helicopters that can fit into an average sized bedroom.

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