Best RC Helicopter for Kids

For kids, flying an RC helicopter is no less than flying a real helicopter. RC helicopters are equipped with modern features and have satisfied parents that their kids are involved in some productive activity. If you are in search of a functional RC helicopter for your child, have a look at our recommendations below and make the right purchase.

YongnKids RC Helicopter

Powered by a Li-Po battery, this remote-controlled aircraft takes only 30 to 40 minutes to charge fully and runs for about five to eight minutes. The best part is that the battery comes with a protection board that helps prevent mishaps like overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits. Hence, the model promises to go a long way without asking for frequent battery replacements.

YongnKids RC Helicopter

The body frame and tail rotor boast a heavy-duty build. Meanwhile, the blades feature ABS construction and exhibit excellent resistance to shocks. In the head lies a super-functional gyroscope sensor designed to control swinging and random movement of the craft. It also maintains stability to a great extent.

This aircraft introduces two types of control modes, hand-sensing and controller mode. If you use the latter, you get to control the device from a distance of eight to fifteen meters. The remote uses a set of three AAA batteries that you will have to buy separately.

With multi-dimensional moving capabilities, this craft allows the user to fly it in various directions. You can move it sideways, up and down, and back and forth. It flies smoothly and is very easy to set up and control. This is why parents of 5-year-olds or above can buy their kids this model without a second thought.

RC Army Heli Toy

This is another awesome toy for pre-teens who are seeking an opportunity to fly a helicopter indoors. With a powerful remote, you can navigate and control the orientation of the craft from ten meters and beyond.

RC Army Heli Toy

Since the unit features a built-in gyroscope sensor, it does not require pro pilot skills. A newbie can easily manage the controls and stability simultaneously. The gyroscope technology controls the tilting effect of the craft while flying, turning, and landing.

Another interesting technology incorporated in this model is the self-protection and struck mode. In case the craft crashes or lands accidentally, the self-protection mode comes into action and powers off the device automatically. As a result, the helicopter stops working and does not try to proceed unless the user turns it on. Similarly, when the blades get stuck somewhere, the sensor powers off the mechanism to keep the blade assembly intact.

It is a 3.5-channel RC helicopter. In other words, the product ensures 3D flight and is able to move sideways, up/down, and forward/backward. Moreover, there is a bright LED on the front side of the head. When you take off, this LED gives a fascinating look to the toy.

Roughly 30 to 40 minutes are enough to charge the battery completely. On a single charge, the model can fly for five to eight minutes at the maximum.

Dragonfly Helicopter

Bright colors and lighting in a toy excite children a lot. This model has a unique design, engaging light effects, and a colorful frame. Thanks to the LED lighting, it is convenient for kids to play with this toy in dark light conditions.

Dragonfly Helicopter

Supported by a 3-channel mechanism, the helicopter can fly sideways, back/forth, and up and down. Best of all, you can set the model to hovering mode after reaching the desired altitude. With this mode, the helicopter will keep moving at the same height unless you resume the default mode.

It also features an anti-crash system, which shuts down the unit as soon as it hits a hindrance. It also stops flying in case there’s an accidental landing. This way, the unit saves itself from collisions, thereby ensuring that it lasts for long. In addition, the frame of the craft is manufactured from top-notch plastic to withstand crashes.

The blade assembly consists of two blades arranged concentrically on a single shaft. With these two blades, the aircraft gains proper balance and takes off without vibration. What we love the most is that you can take off and land the craft at the push of a single button on the remote. This is quite a nice feature for kids who find it hard to maintain balance when they try to take off the helicopter.


This is another great RC helicopter for kids. The metal construction involved in this helicopter is quite long-lasting. Apart from a helicopter, the package includes a 2.4GHz remote control, one additional shell, and two modular batteries. The purpose of providing two batteries is to increase the runtime of the unit. Each individual battery lasts for ten minutes if charged fully. When combined, the batteries give a fly time of twenty minutes. The charging time of both batteries is 60 minutes.

DEERC DE51 RC helicopter

Assembling the product is very easy. Once you turn on the remote and helicopter, both devices will pair up automatically with an audible beep.

The remote control offers versatile options. One of them is the one-key take-off and landing. Your child won’t have to be extra conscious when taking off or landing the toy – just one push and the helicopter will do the job itself. When the helicopter attains the desired height, you can lock that altitude level so that you don’t have to adjust the height repeatedly. In addition, it offers two speeds; low and high. Thus, you can choose the speed you are comfortable with.

This helicopter can be your child’s favorite outdoor toy since the remote control works within an extensive range of 50 meters. Not just that, but the remote allows the user to switch on LED lights installed on the craft’s frame. As a bonus, you get two interchangeable shells that can be changed effortlessly.

Considerations When Choosing RC Helicopters for Kids

Picking an RC helicopter out of the numerous options available is quite difficult. It becomes even more challenging when the user is a child. That’s why parents get confused about which product they should go for or whether the toy will be safe for their little ones.

Here are some aspects or qualities that you should never ignore in a kid’s RC helicopter. If your kid’s helicopter would have these qualities, it means you have invested in the right product.


Look for the safety factor in your favorite helicopter. It should be able to sustain impacts that are more likely to happen at the training stage. The structure should not be harmful to kids. The battery assembly should also be covered well. Also, make sure that the unit employs a risk-free charging method.

If you are still worried about your child’s safety, buy him a training kit that ensures crash-free flights.


When it comes to choosing the material of the aircraft, choose one that’s neither too heavy nor flimsy. In fact, the material should also be able to absorb vibrations.

High-grade plastic is a great choice. It has amazing strength and offers a cost-effective lifespan. Moreover, its lightweight body promotes the flying power of the motor. Above all, plastic-made RC helicopters are affordable.


Like any parent, you also wish to give the best thing to your child. But in the case of RC helicopters, we recommend you to opt for mid-range models rather than picking an overpriced one and then regretting it later. You can choose any model that fits your budget as long as it has a 3-channel mechanism, good fly time, and sturdy construction.

If you want to buy a high-end helicopter, that’s not an issue, but make sure your kid has more than entry-level skills to handle it. For novice kids, low-end aircraft would be great to improve piloting skills.


Thanks to the advancements in technology, there are many models available on the market that are equally beneficial for kids and beginners. Kids can play with those models to kill time in the most creative way.

RC helicopters integrated with multi-directional channels enable your child to explore and have more fun by maneuvering the craft in different directions. Similarly, the gyro stabilization system improves the balance of an RC helicopter. Some models come with colorful detailing and lighting to make them easily visible to prevent mishaps.

You can also consider gifting an RC helicopter to a kid on his birthday or any memorable occasion.

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