Choosing The Best Military RC Helicopters

If you are searching for the very best in remote control helicopter toys and models, you have to check out the best military RC helis on the market today.

The quality and durability of these toys are unmatched. With features like high speed, easy handling, and excellent maneuverability, the military model RC helicopters offer an ideal choice for anyone interested in the hobby. They are perfect for indoor or outdoor operation and come in a wide variety of models from beginner to advanced hobbyist status.

Every RC helicopter comes with a variety of accessories and it’s up to you to decide which accessories and features are right for your needs.

Radio Controlled Helicopter Types

The two most popular radio controlled helicopter models are the MRphylic V-point (or Vhf model) and the Bell Helicopter V-star (or BH model). Both of these helicopter models come complete with everything you need to get started including a carrying case, transmitter, controls, battery and charging System, wheels, mast, lights, gas generator, radio control, battery charger, remote control transmitter and more.

The V-point and BH models allow for much more complex flight environments than other RC model helicopters, making them the best option for anyone new to the hobby. Plus, they are built by some of the best-known names in the helicopter business, ensuring that they are highly durable and operate efficiently.

Airwolf RC Helicopters

With everything that these radio control helicopters offer, it’s no wonder they are so popular. Not only do they offer high-quality performance, but they have the best of looks and style as well. With a large, panoramic ceiling, a full spectrum of powerful weapons, and low signature noise, the Airwolf radio control helicopters are among the best military RC helicopters on the market. They are also made by some of the best known names in the radio control model industry, making them easy to identify and purchase.

Airwolf RC Helicopters

Bell RC Helicopters

A favorite of many new radio controlled helicopter hobbyists is the Bell helicopter. These helicopters are very stable and easy to fly, making them a good choice for beginners. The Bell model is available in both a gas-powered and a electric/electric model. The gas-powered is slightly more powerful, but has less durability and the batteries need to be frequently recharged; the electric heli models run on regular AA batteries.

Bell RC Helicopters

Pro RC Helicopters

For advanced hobbyists, the Pro helicopter might be a good choice. Like other Bell model helicopters, the Pro features excellent controls, high-quality construction and superb maneuverability. These remote control helicopters are very accurate and stable, making them ideal for indoor or outdoor applications. They are also very easy to fly and maintain, making them a good choice for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time building their radio control helicopters.

Closing Thoughts

The last option, the hybrid radio control heli, is made to fit the needs of the majority of hobbyists. These types of remote control helicopters are designed to be flown indoors, where there may be restrictions on flying outdoors. They are very light, making it easier to control and lighter weight than most helicopters in this class. Some models are even equipped with folding propellers that allow the user to get around easily when not in use.

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